The Giant Comes to Life... (POWER LOADER: PART 14)

Objavljeno 8. jul. 2021
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0:00 - Intro
0:16 - New Roll Cage Design
2:13 - Bending Pipes
3:31 - Setting up the Hydraulics
5:33 - Prototype Control System
7:49 - Plasma Cutting and Pipe Bending
9:58 - Roll Cage Welding Begins
10:23 - PS4 Controller Setup
11:24 - Powerloader Testing!
12:47 - Safety
14:00 - Mounting Roll Cage
15:47 - Outro

The House at the End of the Road - Sam Gallagher
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Killing It - Jaymes
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Rock the Boat - City Wolf
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O Angel - Mooed Robot
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Road King - Jeffrey Allen
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Dropping Hard - The Vortex
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Time to Stand Together - Evgeny Kiselevich
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    • yeah, it's no where near done lol. going to be doing a lot of hard lines, back still needs a dedicated valve array, oh and all the valves need to be replaced lol

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  • The effort, skills and talents show in this build are really inspiring. And amazing.

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  • The effort, skills and talents show in this build are really inspiring. And amazing.

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  • this smells like the birth of a mobile suit from mobile suit gundam

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