how i broke my hand...

Objavljeno 5. jul. 2021
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0:00 Intro
0:58 How It All Happened
4:34 Driving Myself To The Hospital
6:05 I Have A Story For You
7:29 Interview With The Surgeon
14:39 The Hacksmith is leaving


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  • Check out surgeon's SLflow! ►

    • A little unsafe driving yourself to hospital with a possible broken hand whilst also filming. A little irresponsible if you think about it. No macho stuff required

    • @Victoria Eads ha my mom says the same thing

    • 105 reply

    • You are why I worry about my children, who are also stupid clever. Sigh

    • Sorry about your hand James. The baseball videos was great and so was this one but wasn't worth injuring yourself like that so sorry about that but still they were both great videos, so for your troubles and for the great hq content i give u thumbs up to both and a thank you. goodluck with the hand and get well soon man. Also sorry this is late i only just saw this im not on yt as much anymore.

  • How long did you need it?

  • I feel ya James! I've broken a bone or 2 in my hand but wasn't quite that calm but did my best to just breathe

  • Welcome to 'Muricah, where we drive ourselves to the hospital out of fear of the bill that's coming......

  • You getting hit by that ball and it breaking your bone like that just makes me realize just how lucky I was in school when I was with the baseball coach in the batting cage and he threw what he said was a 72 to 75 mile per hour fastball and it hit me in the shoulder and nearly hit me in the head and me being the stupid kid wasn't wearing any protection and it caused me to have a massive black and blue bruise on my arm and it was sore for like months but as far as I know it didn't break or fracture anything

  • Hi

  • I broke my joint to my elbow and have a metal elbow now

  • Dose it feel wired when u wake up

  • James your a legend for driving your self to the hospital with a broken hand

  • How is the physical therapy going? I'm only curious what the colleagues in canada may do different. Get better soon!

  • I broked that bone punching furniture because i have'd a discusion whit mi father. Yeah i was not veri ok handling whit frustrasion whit 16 years. I didin't go to hospital and it heald whit mi knucle loocking almost down. Bad pain 1 year because i was shamed to sai to the medic that was because mi frustracion.

  • Dr. Raynor: "We do this. We do that. We have to..." Me: "WHO IS WE? ARE YOU SPEAKING FRENCH? You're the Doctor, I don't know shit about bones"

  • Funny story about three weeks after this video released I ended up getting pissed off at work and broke my hand punching a metal bar, as it turned out I also broke right up at the knuckle but on my middle finger on the same hand. I ended up going to the hospital the day after I broke it because I went home at three in the morning for a closing shift and then got up the next day for some x-rays and all that fun stuff I am now very late in my recovery and I’ve healed pretty much all the way I still can’t do very minimal tasks with my hand but it was just kind of surprising to know that you mean a SLflowr have the same injury kind of

  • Dude chose to drive himself to the hospital when he had plenty of friends to drive him with a broken hand. I too hope to one day own a car cool enough that I am that possessive over it.

    • @Hacksmith Industries Fair point.

    • No, they had to finish filming the video -- and Owen doesn't have his drivers license

  • 12:44 look at that poor plant at the door's reflection

  • I broke the same bone in my hand and my whole forearm was in a cast 🙃

  • Please sponsor my videos on your next video????

  • I'm getting some serious Red Green vibes from this


  • I want to point out how impressive the interview is. He appears to be by himself recording and conducting the interview and it is still turned out really good.

  • 8:56 as soon as he says," look at that!" i was like *Oh I like him*

  • Bro that hand photo looked kinda cool

  • The injury from the Captain America shield video is actually horrific.

  • Did any one else see the plant just fall over 12:45

  • My guy looks like Jesus now

  • hi i brock my arm from falling of my bed

  • Have some winter soldier arm

  • 7:38 Sus

  • I broke my distal radius pretty bad and also needed surgery with plates/pins. I found this video very informative and already was a viewer of the surgeons channel :)

  • My mum broke her foot cause of a tiny fall in a tiny hole in cement while walking

  • 🤮

  • Welp at least he’s not a cyborg yet

  • I had a plate installed in my leg now it's the most powerful part of my body

  • i had hand surgery while awake and i watched... that was crazy and surprisingly not that gross.


  • I’ve broken that same bone

  • orthopedic surgery is often indeed memed as quite brute surgery as bones are, well, pretty hard and big most of the time. that being said, hand surgery is extremely dedicate since they're such intricate machines with all the nerves and different muscles

  • Who are you going to go on a plane

  • Basically everyone except him focused on security

  • my grand ma "what are my glasses broken its just a blury scre... O MY GOD!!!!!! what the hell is that"

  • I had a surgery last week

  • You very like being injured, huh? (At The beggining of The video)

  • Day 106 to build the pare phones that were transperent in henty danger

  • I broke my bone the it tern to a u

  • After making lots of lightsabers he only went to hospital bc of a got dam baseball


  • This is so scary

  • I've broken the exact same bone and its living hell to break the metacarpal pinky

  • As somebody that has been hit in the face by a 70 mph pitch and broken my nose, you took that extremely well

  • So you can now say someone has hack'd the hacksmith

  • 3:40 is when it happens.


  • I live in Canada and ambulance service is not free where I am.

  • When u try to hit a ball BUT THE BALL HITS YOU!

  • Kill me

  • Even light saber couldnt do that

  • Are we all gonna ignore that he dislocated his arm and just popped it back into place

  • 👍👍👍

  • This person need calcium in its bones,tell your mommy to mix bourvita in your milk, “Mummy ko bolo ki Complan pilye”

  • I have no idea why, but I had this weird delusion that Canadians were left handrd

  • ok that was like sad girl swings. Im so confused! Usually, mechanical talent equals sports talent, at least a little

    • talent? sports are a trained skill. I've never swung a bat in my life

  • He drove himself to the hospital with a broken hand. My teacher drove herself to the hospital with a broken leg

  • Dude, the times you hurt yourself before are just ouch, these were so hard to look at

  • the inside of your hand was pretty wack my dude

  • I wasn't expecting an interview with the doctor.... By far the coolest part of the video! You can tell he's really passionate about his job and loves what he does!!

  • 7:09. cool

  • 😮😮😮😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲

  • 3:36 Hacksmith: Its Not To bad, Later Breaks hand

  • Surprised James isn’t a everyday patient there

  • I broke my elbow joint while riding a bicycle. Let's put it this way ... part of the bone was no longer where it should be. I still remember when I went home and said to my mother, "I think my elbow bone is displaced"

  • Human Meccano, yeah I have some of that in my left eye sockets and cheekbone.

  • Imagine him breaking all the bones in his body. And using an robotic endoskeleton inside his body

  • This mans a legend, he bent his arm backwards but didnt go to the hospital i respect him lol

  • You will have that metal plate with screws for rest of Your life?

  • Fun fact I broke my wrist one week. Before I watched this video

  • Broken hand- drives to hospital Dude with appendix 5x larger than normal- crawls to hospital to save 4 bucks

  • f in chat for james

  • So I had my first surgery for cancer around 10 years ago and we were staying at my friends house with their 12 year old daughter, fast forward 10ish years and having my 11th surgery and the 12 year old daughter is an operating room nurse taking part in my latest surgery. It is funny how things go around. Anyways love your videos, nasty break buddy.

    • She did call me Uncle like she has done since she was little little.

  • Can someone tell me his name

  • tsk just tape it together

  • This man builds lightsabers, hammers and dangerous guns on a regular basis. And he gets his most severe injury from baseball.

  • ummm those ijerius

  • BLERGH... I can't stand the surgery thing I'm about to throw up

  • Get well 🔜💪🏼🦾😁

  • 6:20 is pretty much “I know a guy, who knows a guy, who knows a guy”

  • Funny, I broke my hand this week too. I broke both my left hand Radius and Ulna. While the bones were completely unlined, the doctor just casually placed them back in a minute. That hurt like hell.

  • We’re going on a trip on our favorite Honda Civic taking James to the hospital

  • If one day he loses his hand they can collab on replacing it with a laser shark

  • that's is what you call a real man he drove to hospital no panicking just one handed and the way he said oh there is a taco bell there and at least we got it in slowmo like wtf and also hope you get well soon James

  • I did that same exact thing, took out half of my season and hurt like a female dog, (Not nearly as bad as yours though)

  • 12:46 😂why did the plant fall INE the window closest to james

  • My main question is how did he break his hand from a normal life thing and not a Hacksmith thing? The guy practically lives in a place where everything can kill you if you swing it too little or too hard.

  • We are all waiting for the moment you come back!

  • Just like tony stark has a metal in his chest

  • Press F to pay respects......

  • Hy!!

  • That wound isnt that disgutibg cause its clean

  • Modern medicine is honestly incredible. The amount of stuff we can fix through surgery is amazing.

  • I hope you get better James

  • Everyone:omg that thumbnail is scary Me:hmm I think I can do that hand gesture (trying to do the hand gesture and after doing it thinking this would be a funny comment)