All Robots Should Have This Button! (POWER LOADER: PART 15)

Objavljeno 26. avg. 2021
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00:00 - Intro
01:09 - New Emergency Stops
03:15 - The Sixth Sense
05:11 - Power Loader Safety Training
07:37 - Giving the Power Loader a Brain
10:02 - New Proportional Valves
11:55 - Out with the Old, In with the New

My Way - Renato Sebastiani
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Friction - Bryant Lowry
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  • Aliens Fireteam Elite is NOW AVAILABLE! Subscribe to their channel for more news on the game and then gather your fireteam to take the fight to the xenomorph threat! Can you Survive The Hive? Play now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One or Steam:

    • Make a Spartan laser

    • emergency button on a remote to stop the powerloader if the remote lost connection... see the problem yet?

    • Can you make assasins creed hidden blade

    • Love it you could cut a car tyre into strips and put them on the hydraulic hands for grip

    • Finger hoverboard please

  • I've been following this project since the very first episode and I'm amazed every new upload. What you're doing is amazing.

  • Fight in battelbots

  • Will this become in-universe canon as the creators of the mark 1 Powerloader? First built by Cat and Hacksmith Industries?

  • Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL, B E A U T I F U L wiring job on that control box, it is a work of art! And I will be very disappointed if I do not see Bogdan smacking his feet turned into a gif.

  • there even is a 7th sense, balance!

  • Soon the military is gonna see this a threat and then use their 4 trillion of military spending to hire you instead

  • Anmol can't spell his own name

  • I love how much time and effort you guys put into all of these projects. The videos keep me engaged and entertained while also giving great insights into what goes into these amazing projects. I really appreciate the amount of work put in and thank you for all the amazing content. I can't wait for more videos to watch.

  • Bogdan gets a nice haircut, someone else in your company is in dire need of a haircut, I won’t name names, but he used to be a handsome devil and now looks like he’s been trapped on and island for a year 😅

  • Which course you did

  • sick camera work with the intro

  • We only have to wait 15 more videos for them to make one small adjustment that may or may not work.

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  • Let’s be honest, this video is just a bathroom reveal

  • Just curious

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  • The way she said Scenario bothers my Americanness.

  • That elbow need a reinforcement.

  • jacked nerds

  • Hopefully this is one of the stepping stones for the future

  • This build, alongside Mechwarrior 5's new VR mod, is giving me insane Stompy Bot Syndrome!

  • I’ve been building a mini one following but this can do but won’t do because it is 2 feet tall

  • Ive been watching you guys for 5-6 years and i love how much you guys have grown

  • Bogdan you simpleton

  • this kid cant tie his shoes. good script though

  • 🔥

  • I am an electronic engineer with some experience in automation, hydraulic systems, robotics, software development, control systems and research. This project is amazing! It is a huge agile research project being executed live for entertainment involving most things I've studied in my life.. I am following episode by episode since the beginning. Long time fan, It is very satisfying seeing the team getting into the software part of it. In my very biased opinion it is the hardest and most interesting part. Hacksmith team certainly are aware of what I am going to say and probably have plans to fix it, but it was really noticeable to me. Despite the amazing improvement with the new control valves, there is still a little overshoot on the limbs movement. I am not familiar with the system response and limitations, but probably a better control system can fix that. And by control system I mean a low level software driver for each limb, not inverse kinematics and high level stuff robotics stuff. Classic PID or fuzzy control. Working on that (a measuring it) is also a great way to introduce "basic" control theory concepts. Maybe too advanced for most, but certainly fun for hardcore engineer nerds.

  • I love that they have a mini version of their version of the power loader

  • coming up on 3 years of work and it feels like the end is in sight. it's been so cool to see this project develop alongside the growth of the company. I can't wait to see it done! Great work to everyone at Hacksmith Industries.

  • Please don't put A.I. in that thing.

  • The END of the Power loader is near, can't wait to see the end result, hands off to these hacksmith people, their brain is like Einsteins no joke

  • And hope that that game has a powerloader

  • I hope you do classic looking decals for this powerloader

  • The power loader is a R.O.S Robot On Steroids

  • is it just me or did the "giving the power loader and brain" part of the video look like a colledge project

  • Oh you don’t know what inverse kinematics are? Well it’s just kinematics but inverse, yeah your welcome

  • This video is sponsored by aliens👽👽

  • u should hook this shit up to a valve index controller, would actually work well with the grip sensor and buttons

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  • I always wanted to be a operating system

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  • Robot you make a massive robot higher than a building

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  • Anyone else still getting triggered by the way he says Project? Proyeckt or Project?

  • Love to see Deutsch connectors! We use them heavily at my work.

  • Nice, we build rope potentiometers for CAT in our shop :D



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  • It is starting to becom CNC, :D

  • I feel like you could actually fight a monster in this Mech if it came down to it XD

  • What the hell this video has 666k views when i commented

  • Love it...but, what happens when those position lines either get cut or something falls across the line, pulling extra line out? Seems even a regular pot would be safer. Certainly less prone to the environment interacting with the position sensors. Current setup is an accident in waiting.

    • @Hacksmith Industries DANG! So, someone with a cork gun couldn’t make the operator smack themselves🤔? What fun is that😉

    • Software failsafes -- it's expecting a result from an output, not a random failure

  • You guys ruuule! Powerloader forevaa! :D

  • Hulkbuster?

  • Now you just gotta make a way to pilot it from inside and boom, A fully functional mech suit.

  • next video idea: Real battle-ready with nukes Jeager (real size) XD

  • So once this prototype is done, how many will you mass produce?

  • Aight so if you have the e stop stopping the engine but the arms can still freely move on the remaining pressure

    • @Hacksmith Industries our bobcat for some reason likes to move around Like if I shut the engine off I can still lift the bucket

    • not how hydraulics work

  • R.O.B. (Robotic, Operating, Buddy)

  • They should take the power loader to a battle bot areana😂

  • Guys make a robot that can play piano and has multiple fingers, make it play a very hard tune I WOULD OVE TO SEE THAT

  • Guys make a robot that can play piano and has multiple fingers, make it play a very hard tune I WOULD OVE TO SEE THAT

  • Guys make a robot that can play piano and has multiple fingers, make it play a very hard tune I WOULD OVE TO SEE THAT


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  • You r the real life tony stark in this whole world.

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  • En tout les cas je sais où est passer l'aide du fédéral de l'équipe de Hacksmith

  • Anmal did an amazing job with the code, and explaining it! I hope to see more of him! (I do hope I am spelling his name correctly)

  • Just have an emergency emp device

  • Can you make Haisenberg hammer from Resident evil Village

  • A weapon to surpass Metal Gear? More like a weapon to leave Adam Savage impressed. And kick some xenomorph ass.

  • If they get this project finished and it works. I would love to see them make the mech from Avatar. Fully walking and everything. I think James and his team could easily build it over a few years.

  • I am actually working on a Robotics Engineering degree in college right now and I find this to be a dream come true to me.

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