Mandalorian FLAMETHROWER (HACKLORIAN: Chapter 1)

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In our HACKLORIAN series, we'll be making all of Mando's gadgets, armor, and weapons! Make sure to become a SLflow member to see the videos before anyone else! Next up... The Blaster and Spear -- and then, his helmet!

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0:00 Intro
1:58 Cash Prize Event!
2:59 Designing The Gauntlet
4:33 Build Begins
6:30 Propane & Cornstarch
8:36 Designing The PCB
9:27 Final Assembly
11:36 Test
12:19 What's Next?

Big thank you to Samuel Kim Music for the epic music!

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CNC Mill - Tormach 1100MX ►
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CNC Lathe - Tormach 15L ►
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CNC Waterjet Cutter ►
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  • *Basketball Arena is now hosting a $50k Win Streak Event that ends on March 12th!* Download Basketball Arena for free on iOS and Android here:

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