Bulletproof Mandalorian Armor! (HACKLORIAN: Chapter 8)

Objavljeno 3. jun. 2021
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0:00 Intro
0:24 Project Overview
2:02 Armor Design Begins!
3:00 Chest Plate Design
7:04 Laser Cutting
7:35 Bending and Welding
9:55 Epic Build Montage!
10:54 Bulletproof Test
13:28 Attaching Armor to Costume
17:07 Donning the Suit!
17:58 Outro

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    • .

    • What material is that made of and how thick is each plate

    • Still waiting for the test video come on man

    • @Hacksmith Industries when are you gonna post the whole thing Don the whole suit

    • Read the quran bcoz there is no other god but allah mohammad is the messenger of allah

  • Hey hit the metal piece with precision and at the last one he killed himself

  • Put a Kevlar vest under the chest plate to make it fully stop the bullets

  • Are these stuff u make even legall

  • remember that you have only steel, not beskar steel. Additionally that in the SW universe they are mostly using energy weapons. :)

  • If anything, they could cut the threading for the under suit and slide some AR500 or ceramic plates inside the actually suit itself for my bullet resistance.

  • Can you make a storm troopers suit?

  • Vas is sa way

  • I was so sad when you threw out the second armour peice lol it would of been nice display

  • Wear that to a riot 🤣

  • high quality titanium would have stopped the .223 rounds and most handgun rounds as well.

  • Please sponsor my videos on your next video????

  • Wear the complete outfit on Halloween

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  • You have to do Master Chief's armor!

  • Why do I feel like he is actually what the Mandolorian would look like without the mask

  • The government needs to sponsor this man

  • This is cool af

  • 13:08 boba has his" Battel scar" at the same spot

  • please make the darksaber

  • Did u know storm troopers don’t auctually have bad aim but in the movie on the Death Star it looks like they do cause Vader gave them orders to let them escape

  • New favorite video! So sick man!! Awesome work.

  • I wish the hacksmith took commissions. . .

  • Hey Hacksmith, just a suggestion: how about you try to also make Heatwave’s heat gun using propane and corn starch (like you did for the Mandalorian flamethrower gauntlet), and Captain Cold’s cold gun using water & nitrogen (the opposite of the items used for its counterpart)? What do you think?

    • The idea came to me based on what I saw in the CW The Flash tv show. Just thought I’d put an idea in that magnificent brain of yours, just like how you thought of the idea for brining to life a portable miniature arc reactor from Marvel. Now maybe give DC a chance?

    • Specifically, the cold gun and the heat gun would each have two tank-packs; one tank with either the corn starch or water, and the other tank with either the nitrogen or propan. Each tank would have a nozzle with tubes attached to them and locked together by an outer layer of flexible polymer, and both tubes would be attached to the back of the gun so that when the chamber fires, one chamber would fire the water or corn starch on top, and the secondary chamber would fire the nitrogen or propane.

  • I go to the comments just because my attention devasted ass clicks on another video

  • batman's armor

  • Abdomen


  • He said it was the first time making armour but he made the helmet from iron man suit

    • Nope -- never made that helmet if you watch the video, always started with a base!

  • This is the most elaborated cosplay that I've ever seen.

  • Hacksmith: _So I made this Armour, now I only need to test it._ Hacksmith after testing: _That was awesome, but now I have to make a new one._ Hacksmith with the new Chestplate: _I made a new Armour piece, but then decided to make it even stronger... But I won't test that one._

  • You need to make Jaster Merrill or Neo crusaders or Jango fett or Boba Fett or montroas or tour Vizsla or pre-Vizsla

  • Also called .223 a big caliber

  • Shot at the armor from 50 miles away with small ammunition

  • This is the way The way he makes the armor

  • I’m a bit late here but I love your work, and I wanted to say the testing portion really reminded me of Demolition Ranch. If you’re not familiar, he’s based in Texas and shoots all kinds of weird stuff, like chocolate pudding, elevator cable, and airplane glass. It’d be really cool to see you and Matt team up, build a suit of sci fi armor and see just how bulletproof it is

  • It's Bob's helmet now

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  • I love what you make !!! But it's really time for you guys to get yourself a blacksmith ! Welding is nice but a real blacksmith would make you stuff that's so much more solid ! I'm just salivating to the thoughts of what you would do with a blacksmith in the gang !

    • @Hacksmith Industries Oh... Well maybe not that one project but I often heard you guys say stuff like "Since we don't have a blacksmith or the equipment for molding..." and that's usually followed by a montage of cutting metal sheets, bending pieces and welding them. My point was that you are awesome, I love you guys and you should get yourself a blacksmith cause it would be even better. (or the molding equipment but I have a huntch it would be even more expensive and difficult lol) Not that I'd be able to make anything you guys do since I'm a just a computer guy.

    • the chest piece wouldn't have been able to be made using traditional blacksmithing though...

  • If World War III starts soon, this guy will be the most wanted recruit

  • People say star wars stuff can't be created Oh yea?

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  • Y’all need to do an obstacle course with dummies, enemy fire (airsoft), some more Jawas, something to use the grappler gauntlet to get over or capture, so and so forth.

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  • Hacksmith Is now officially addicted to guns

  • Not to be rude but it's been 2 months and you guys still haven't made the test video not that I'm trying to impatient but 2 months is a long time I understand that you a one video a week schedule and that's hard to do but is it still happening?

  • Why does mando chest peice look like a mouse

  • How do you make merch? I’ve tried to before but the logo printed backwards

  • Finally

  • If you were to put a ceramic backplate* behind that steel it probably would stop .223, .308 not so much still. *(old body armor used ceramic plates before Kevlar, also being a fellow canadian knowing that cant get body armor in canada)

  • When th test video happening

  • the adverts are all Indian!!! i love that hacksmith

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