Testing an UNBREAKABLE TESSERACT with JUSTDUSTIN for $10,000!!!

Objavljeno 9. sep. 2021
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0:00 Introducing Our Tesseract
1:15 James and Dustin REACT
7:09 Dustin Has A Plan
8:09 We Have A Trent
13:48 Calling Henry

Will To Win by Brian Curtin
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Good Vibes by Heather Evans
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  • 4:48 i love how it looks like he has no idea whats actually going on nd just got finished saying things that he thought was cool

  • I beg you make Rick and morty ship

  • When it comes to building cool armor and stuff, I wish I had to money to hire yall to make armor from the space marines of warhammer 40k

  • You guys gotta make the leviathan axe or blades of chaos from god of war

  • Trent just beat the curtain rainbows out of that box. Well played sir

  • Eric got a big bootu

  • This is entirely guess work, but the inner cube might be too thick for the polycarbonate to flex the extra pressure to release, tungsten might be a better option.

  • Thanks for telling me u build the fuse launcher. I have found it. Love dit vid's.

  • Who sounds like dream

    • I dare you to try make a fully operational iron man suit every like on this comment means more people wanting the suit built

  • Make a bow from bow from the hunger games

  • If can make fuse from apex his arm grande launcher and the 3 grandes please

    • @Hacksmith Industries i have send it to u kow if u can please read ure dm's please bro

    • I send dm to thehacksmith. If u please kan read an answer back i would love that. Thanks man

    • o sorry will go look know

    • We have.

  • Make blades of chaos or leviathan axe from god of war pleeeaaasssss

  • Wait. Are we in Soviet Russia now? Bogdan shall be happy.

  • The Hacksmith challenged german architects and Scientist. Damn this will be awesom


  • take this to demolition ranch?


  • They should get demolition ranch to try do this stuff

  • make a doc oc 4 robot arms

  • Make a retractable Wolverine claw

  • Did he got skinny?

  • I dare you to try make a fully operational iron man suit every like on this comment means more people wanting the suit built

  • To all youtubers Don t Give up u will get theere just don t give up

  • they do indeed have a Trent😂

  • you should make an AT-AT walker from star wars the empire strike's back.

  • Can Hacksmith make an anime inspired Airship? Doesnt need to be a ridiculous one, Granblue Fantasy has some basic ones that function via Balloon and Propellers or you have extremely basic in Pokemon 4Ever (movie 4) which basically was a boat capable of skipping waterfalls on rivers by flying over them. Then we have the one that flight lovers adore, the Highwind, from FF7 which is closer to an actual blimp...which is why I suggested small ones because they arnt budget breakers.

  • Have you ever made the yondu's arrow?

  • Hey Hacksmith, I dare you to create BloodSport’s Tech armor suit from the movie The Suicide Squad

  • What happened to the mandalorian

  • hacksmith 2044 hey guys today we made a working infinity gauntlet any ways tommmarow we will be adding the next arm to the power loader

  • I wonder if Hacksmith could build like a Dalek, basically it's just a man inside the suit.

  • I wanna see jijimufu vs Trent

  • Suggestion: could you guys try and make a working retractable sword. You know, kind of like a lightsaber where you push a button and the sword comes out and you push another button and the sword goes back into the handle.

  • 1:10 that look of "ha, stop it" killed me lmao.

  • It is pretty incredible how strong polycarbonate is

  • You should make a working bandit battery device from rainbow six siege IF it's possible

  • Is it possible to make the kingsman secret service umbrella?

  • when he brought the bat out straight up thought an unstoppable force with an immovable object.

  • Please build all the inspector gadget gadgets and my life will be complete

  • Trent looks like RATH from Ben 10

  • now you both should work together to make a bulletproof box and bring it to someone like demo ranch

  • You should try to built Batmans line launcher it like a motorized zipline and im not talking about his grappling hook

  • I've just noticed what a sharp nose he has

  • do you know anyway i can be teached all this stuff like programming and the mother board stuff

  • ow

  • ironman: we have a hulk justdustin: we got a trent

  • Okay idea can you do the golden weapons from ninjago starting with kai’s sword of fire

  • wow so strong. 👏👏👏

  • Damn where do you find those kinds of Trents for rent?

  • Me saw helicopter in thumbnail Me click now

  • Whats that pickaxe used by trent near the end

  • Neither unbreakable nor a tesseract. It's just a strong box

  • you should try to make ezra bridgers light saber, the one with the blaster on it

  • Hacksmith looks like bo burnham now xd

  • Would be really cool if you mad the handheld tesla coil weapon, the amp, from infamous 2, it is one of my favourite game series and I feel like this is something that fits with the type of things ye do

  • When did Thor lose so much weight?

  • Hey guys I have a request that I think we’d all like to see you guys make could you make the super shotgun from doom eternal

  • Dustin picked up the bat and James immediately backed away. I think he has a mild case of ptsd lmao

  • Coat polycarbine in linex.

  • 6.15 That was at Bright Day in The Netherlands. Was the best day of my life being there. Keep up the good work Hacksmith Industries!

  • You should make the assassins creed hidden blade if you haven’t already

  • These are all fools - Unbreakable box is actually breakable 🙄

  • Trent is scary I like it

  • Why does he look skinnier and overall thinners

  • You guys should make Finn’s Demon sword from adventure time with real demon blood

  • Dustin said "This is a big boy bat, the Brooklyn Basher." Could someone at hacksmith make the Brooklyn Basher from TF2? And make it usable and stuff.

  • Where is the winter soldier arm video

  • Make a working yugioh duel disk

  • breakable tesseract

  • Hacksmith is the best inventor ever!

  • Y’all should do more vids together! I enjoy watching your vids and Dustin’s vids each week

  • You should make Hank sword from Madness Combat

  • Plese in next part Make it Real make Ant man helmet

  • justdustin have no idea when they talk about the box

  • Please make a Spider-Man web shooter with Karen in it the computer assistant ironman gave him and also can you make after that real Falcon wings from the Falcon and the winter soldier

  • As if the interior was partially flooded and a little rubber on the corners it would be undestructible

  • Can You make those black sticky growing balls of the incredibles

  • If you find something that can resist the hydraulic press, you can call it unbreakable…

  • Don't get why they don't just use a spike. Breaking through polycarb should be possible with a high psi piston spike thick on the outer edges

  • Huge fan of what you guys do! I plan to come visit when the NH to Canada border opens

  • I hope dustin make his own unbreakable curtain, because his curtain got wreck in every videos.

  • I really want to see a full fat rail gun fire at this.

    • Why didn't they just put the teseract in the unbreakable box, saves a lot of pain.

  • I like seeing this more strategic side of dustin.

  • Honestly, way more hits than necessary. That channel with the Aussie guys that throw stuff off a tower. They dropped a custom made sword by Alec Steele from the tower and it did serious damage. Suspect that a sharpened point , enough weight and terminal velocity and that box is on a spike! Lots of fun though!

  • James is so cool. Sry, just wanted to say it.

  • Imagine if they used Alon instead of polycarbonate.

  • Wow you should make a small Tordbot mech it will be cool

  • I would have big dude start... smashing the corners with a pickaxe ⛏️ or an axe!!💯🙌🙌 Weakest points r the corners!!😅😅😅✔️✔️🔨🔨🔨⚒️⚒️

  • calling it it broke

  • It should be a drone that has the propeller folding down into wheels

  • Make a flying car

  • It might be unbreakable, but it's not un-cut-able. That is polycarb's weakness. You can cut or drill right through it

  • You should make pyros flamethrower from TF2

  • You should make a bolter from warhammer 40k


  • Please make doc oct arms

  • Yo you guys should make the ten rings

  • Why didn't they just put the teseract in the unbreakable box, saves a lot of pain.

  • James: we have unbreakable box Duatin: we have a Trent (avengers reference)

  • Very nice little BTTF reference right there @ 2:37.