Hacksmith VS the WALKING DEAD!

Objavljeno 30. apr. 2021
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0:00 Intro
1:04 The Plan
2:23 Preparing For The Worst
3:22 Where is James?
5:01 Final Touches To The Base
7:06 Building The Wall
7:28 The Rundown
8:43 James You Okay?

Jungle Warriors By N.T. - Vijay Aananth
Licensed from Triple Scoop Music ►

Hammer Touch By Gabriel Oberg
Licensed from Triple Scoop Music ►

Little Suzan Certain By Lionel Cohen
Licensed from Triple Scoop Music ►

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Tripods - Manfrotto 504X ► amzn.to/2QB1Onh
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  • Thanks to The Walking Dead Survivors for sponsoring. Play for free! www.inflcr.co/SH6hr !

    • @SCP for life pizazz

    • I love cookies 🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪

    • Ur missing one thing food i would grow food in my house

    • ik this isnt real but make individual bed rooms because what if someone got infected themselves would u want ur friends to go down to? no right so put a window and boom u can check

    • Imagine when your new enemies is titan

  • imagine a murderer breaks in and sees everyone standing there with deadly weapons

  • If zombies happened in a few decades then we’ll the hack smith team is saving us by going “hack smith…assemble”

  • Funny, but if it's the end of civilization, forget about fast food. You gonna need some crops there, guys!

  • What about darel

  • Think the best think against the zombies is… the Hacksmith industries

  • Please sponsor my videos on your next video????

  • 2:19 Loved the "Don't Dead Open Inside" reference 🤣

  • The hack smiths house would probably be raided first the second zombies start popping up

  • what if wwz zombies instead why would zombies be slow and not be able to climb to

  • i don't have many ideas for zombie attack but...we can do these things: 1. wear a chain armour not a metal armour like iron man! we need a chain armour cause it's flexible and it's cut resistant. 2. we need a modified baseball bat or guns with silencer or a katana (no need to go japan to buy it make one like hacksmith industries did), don't use guns without silencer, use it only when it's needed. 3. SURVIVE USING THESE IDEAS I HAVE DONE RESEARCH ON ZOMBIE MOVIES AND SOME VIDEOS OF HACKSMITH INDUSTRIES AND I FOUND THAT THESE IDEAS WILL BE USEFUL!!

  • I can't believe they actually did this

  • You could've just used ABC for Always Be Capitalist

  • Don’t sell out guys cmon

  • Okay ngl using the exact same news footage to both plant and reveal the twist was brilliant lol

  • I know where to go if the apocalypse happens

  • Make turrets with guns

  • Anyone else noticed that he put a red 2 on a blue 7

  • Honestly, the scariest thing about a zombie virus would not be the zombies, but the virus.

  • is that a rapid strike flamethrower

  • If a zombie apocalypse happens (probably not) ur all good. You got all the things needed and seeming you are making armour too thats better

  • now the 9 year olds saying james will survive the apocalypse can now rest in peace.

  • If everyone just being lazy and stay at home the apocalypse could be stopped because no one is outside to spread the virus... Today, being lazy is going to save the world

  • Just get a big screen and put your videos of making weapons and trust me they'll leave


  • I have ideas a idea what if the zombies breach the shelf’s why not have blades under the boards or maybe have a electric fence under it

  • Many of us are waiting for that radio signal

  • Was kinda let down when I found out they didn’t actually have to fend off a bunch of actors in zombie outfits, and that it’s all for show

  • Of course you going to survive in the wake of course you going to survive the zombie apocalypse like if you had metal songs things you can like build like a robot in the back

  • The only way to build a safer bunker would be to build it in Nunavut, the Hacksmith team would become half of the provinces population.

  • This looks like Me And The Bois during Lockdown

  • I guess we know who to defend when we get swarmed by zombies

  • Honestly, I think the best thing you could do is have fertilizer stocked up as well as seeds and set up several above ground beds, alternating which ones you use each season, so that you can have a steady food supply. One of the most dangerous things you could do is try to scavenge. But it seems like you have pretty much all other bases covered!

  • Why not try and make Donatello‘s flight shell from rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

  • Can you make ODM gear from attack on Titan please

  • Please do another one of these vedios

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  • This is soooo cool 😎 but if you haven't could you make genjis swordwith LED's and stuff bc that would be so cool

  • You guys need a bit of Colin Furze energy!!

  • If a zombie apocalypse happened I would make sure the internet’s safe then go there

  • Hey guys can u try to make one of the transformers

  • there is 0 percent chance that hacksmith will get bitten by a zombie

  • I could use some of that stuff I mean BRAIIIIINS

  • This man has taken sponsorships to the next level.

  • Can you make red hoods mask from batman please

  • Next plz make a terminator robot

  • Ya know this is state of decay not walking desd

  • For some reason the sponser link takes me to my cicrcle teen on chrome

  • make bouncing captain america sheild

  • Hi hacksmiths, I would like to see, how you are making the composite glaive from shadow fight 3 :D

  • A wise medieval expert once said : "Dig a ditch, then build a palisade behind it. Once you're done, DIG MORE DITCHES!"

  • 0:51hmmmm was that a re zero reference ? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Ah yes the great rabbit

  • Negan killed my boy hes dead

  • yup,when theres a zombie invasion im going to you guys

  • give it a little longer wouldn't doubt it with this "corona virus"

  • I am sure it has been mentioned but you guys forgot a source of food and clean water.

  • 4:04 how he get internet in a apoclypse

  • You better be sure to beef up security because in a true apocalypse the dead arent the only ones you gotta watch, you have to be just as cautious if not more with other people or humans too, not to mention ones who want to raid your facility for themselves and take what you have wether its by force or not so you need anti personnel stuff as well

  • I think you guys should go as high and elevated as you can, there called walkers not flyers.

  • I think he wasnt sponsord my twd suriviors just redbull

  • You have a million god level weapons and you give someone a shotgun

  • Twd ❤️

  • But if the Nero network can identify people when seen than if a person has a high chance of being infected than what happens next

  • I prefer the walking dead no man’s land instead of walking dead survivors

  • About video games, it may be interesting to try to create bows that shoot light arrows as in the zelda serie games (ocarina of time, twilight princess or breath of the wild (they may be more games in this serie that use light arrows))

  • You should try and make a falcon costume with pop out wings

  • Imagine living near this guy, seeing the tower defence, and then begin getting very worried, checking the news for any war threats.

  • your look is like jesus christ

  • great content, bro, let's replace it with subscribing

  • I have a question pls respond but please make a thanos gauntlet that when you snap then it glows (im just asking)

  • lol I love how this video is 911 seconds

  • Gaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Can you make the Mortal Kombat Scorpion skeleton

  • Thank you for actually doing something innovative and creative for kids to watch. My son Ahmed who’s turning 9 on 25th June is a huge fan and would love to visit Hacksmith Industries for his birthday. We are just an hour away. Please help me give him the best birthday surprise

  • we have classic Jesus, Chemistry Jesus, and now we have Engineer Jesus

  • One qestion... What is name your school but you are so smart

  • can't see SOS message on google maps!!!!!!!

  • What the heck!?! My Wish Come true OMG!!

  • Sadly u guys turned from a nerdy experimental hannel to a kids entertaining show. Its all so planned out and eaven seems kinda scripted.

    • We do occasional videos like this for sponsors, to enable us to do the stuff we want to... it's not a bad thing.

  • If the apocalypse ever happens, then these guys are fricken set for life

  • I call this place.. “The Forge” A Lvl 80 area in a RPG Apocalyptic fashion.

  • Hack Smith is the best but there was always one thing I want to see from you and it is a remote controlled R2 D2

  • I bet he is the first one to survive any zombie virus

  • DONE!

  • I will download walking dead survival!

  • You guys need to collab with ZGB

  • Everyone thinks of how to fight walkers/zombies, no one ever seems to think about how to store and collect food safely, defend against the living who are looking to cause problems, keep a purified water supply. The everyday conveniences that we won't have access to depending how bad things get.

  • If anyone would survive its these guys....

  • I thought that hacksmith industries is most safe and adventurous place of all time

  • Maybe you can make some cybernetic doc ock tentacles lol

  • A.B.C. Always be careful

  • Perfect anime doesn't exis- Perfect anime: boku no pico

  • But 50 cal on top all around no Zombies will take me down an I will make a hide out 2

  • You guys need to make a movie

  • You are cool

  • 3:52 just dont fall bc look at it theres like not enough room for all of your team plus dont just make the walls like a maze

  • When the apocalypse come I come and camp in your place.

  • A zombie!!!!!!!!

  • Um... i think i could cure them

  • Jlaser fans are saying that you are worse than him just for making a drone