Objavljeno 10. jun. 2021
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0:00 This Episode
0:16 Something we've never done
1:30 Upgrades
3:02 Let's build it!
5:39 Wheels and Pulleys
6:32 Board Assembly
8:48 Microcenter
9:24 Pimp my board
11:04 Beauty Shots
11:44 Time to try it out!
13:20 A gift for James
16:56 Test?
17:46 Thanks for watching

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  • I love everything about this board except that your feet are strapped into it, that makes me nervous

  • Are you going to sell it on the hacksmith store

  • Are the battery rechargeble

  • Jeesus, what is this, Linus Tech Tips? Soo much RGB.......

  • It’s like a big rc car lol

  • Two pulleys one motor… *instantly gets flashback*

  • I wonder how far is the range on this beast

  • Can you make a really good rc car

  • Sick skate board

  • That is asome I want that skate board

  • Everything else built by hand this is just moding build a better one from scratch

  • Imagine the electric bill for that place!!

    • ever think about how they light up roads for nobody most of the time?

  • Cool

  • Just getting ready to say brail skateboarding needs this then relize they beat me to it

  • вы че за парашу снимаете

  • Only engineerd video with a subtle "two girls, one cup" reference thrown in...

  • Bro just made an over size electric murder board

  • Just the esc change was good enough

  • Please sponsor my videos on your next video????

  • Yea how much for one of these

  • Cool but lipo and this guy has interns building his toys with the reward of a piece of paper brilliant

  • I’m not sure if it’s smart but we’re still doing it. That sums up me and the boys


  • Imagine having a skate board only having 60 health

  • Could you put the car charger mod on the board?

  • no way 44kw. This guys dont know shit.

  • Props to the cameraman

  • Yea 60 HP that is a big lie a big motorcycle like 600 cc has 60 HP Or a ktm 450 exc and that is a fast bike

  • I m in india 😣😣ohh How can i get this 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Will I ever 😣😣😣see u in my Life 😣

  • Awesome build. I guess if you have unlimited money and resources, it is a lot of fun to upgrade the already pricey e-skateboard. It would be interesting to see how much you spent on the upgrade, let alone the custom built parts. I'd love to try that one out though.

  • What batteries are u using

  • I wish I have one of that sadly I can;'t afford it cause I am just poor even I work I don't have the luxury to buy it.

  • 18.06 is this a redbull reclame

  • Props to the camera man, keeping up with a hack smith build

  • were is james i really miss him

  • i wouldnt strap myself in no friggin way

  • Imagine doing this with a scooter.. Omg the ultimate vehicle then..

  • i will pay 10000000000000

  • Im applying this year at mechanical engineering. If i get in at any of the big unis I know where i want my first internship to be

  • Can you hack the sur-ron to be able to charge at e.v stations 🚉

  • that was shit.

  • i wish you guys couldve told us the max speed

  • I'd want to see this as an R/C car instead.

  • Is this thing street legal???

    • @quinn foster um that doesn't equate to street legal. Will the cop stop, take it and possibly kill me if caught riding this than is my actual question?

    • last I checked it was a skateboard


  • Not even a skateboard anymore it's now a standing ATV....a SATV

    • nah Psychoframe is ATV. Called SUQ actually. Stand up Quad

  • That's not a skate board that's a weird long board

    • according to a dictionary it is actually. Skateboarder rides it, skates around on the board. Sorry there are cool things besides that thing you like...

  • I'd use it at 50% if you upgrade those foot holders or whatever they are called

  • Can it go snorkelling

  • I think James is a mix between Curt Cobain, Boromir from LOTR ant Tarzan and I haven't decided which one he is yet...

  • dont get dust in the motors lol

    • takes quite a bit to cause an issue but problem is when dust gets wet it is conductive. gotta epoxy sensors or hopefully run HFI

  • What is the top speed

  • and where the brakes ... ??? or is stopping irrelavant ?

  • Maybe doing it driving it by itself like Tesla does, to deliver packages, using also your SPIDEYSENSE MASK and GPS. That has potential to scale better than Amazon dropships in the future ,D

  • tf

  • Literal only critique is to put the LEDs on the bottom so you don't see the strip

    • I think that invites the viewer to make your own but really better

  • I hope this thing can hit 200mph with proper upgrades and great training to get used to this kind of power, cause I need one.

  • 15:33 I want this skateboard man🥺🥺

  • The camera man tho

  • I own an x4s. I NEED to Know MORE!!!!

    • Most interested in the bigger tires and the mounts for them.

    • @earle joseph3 forums gotcha

    • I still want the all Wheel drive. With the bigger motors. and the bigger wheels.

  • I'm and avid E-Skateboarder - THE BEST SLflow video I've ever seen!! Thank you smart guys...

  • 6:22 maybe chill on the coprophilia jokes

    • it has to be over powered to appeal to professional level athletes What do powered skateboard trials look like?!

  • Can you build an cheap version of the onewheel? And maybe without Prozessor

    • Funwheel kit also by Fungineers on youtube. I think you will find them getting very good in the next couple of years and beyond what FM will be able to release in the next 5-10 easy.

    • ahem. We are struggling as FM the makers of OW have patent trolling rights due to being the biggest and first to market. Floatwheel kit has you covered with the beta we are at so far. With software the FW will ride as good as or better than the XR. Give it time, it is free software by donation. Lots of hardware and electronics in the works. Anything you could dream of, but it is not out in the wild much yet.

  • Great video ! 👏👏

  • Did he have an idea to fit a differential in order to drive two wheels by one motor?

  • of course it has to have some RBG's xD

  • Just think if the throttle got stuck on when he was riding it.

  • It's practically the same thing with the original design if one motor works 2 wheels looking at the power of its the same speed

  • "I'm not sure it's smart, but we're doing it".

  • i want one…

  • Those motors really $900 each???!! Wow

  • I think its rc car

  • Who makes the long board?

  • Verry cool ? But seriously not enough information bit let down ...people want know cost ,speed ,talk ,milage at speed ,suspenshion and crazy dude maxing it out ...now you got full video .

  • "Two pulleys, one motor" 😂👌

  • So here is the big question, did you put breaks on it? since if you give it to him and he takes the limiter off he is screwed.

  • She's soo sexy😍😍😍

  • Do you have extra to sell

  • How much to buy one

  • sweet

  • I wish l was creative too

  • If they were selling this I would buy it almost instantly:) I'm serious

    • It’s currently available in store but in limited edition not mass production!!!! Please kindly drop your contact details for more information on he skate !!!!

  • К даному электро скейту, нужен экзоскелет.

  • Do a Hoverboard vs Cybertruck!!!

  • tesla wants this chinese guy....

  • why not make this as a go kart lol

  • Idea for elon musk????

    • yeah, lots of them actually. Like a Security box that would be used to allow goods to be transported around in cars for delivery. The highest security box ever made. USA Gov looking at u

  • That Tormach machine is seriously epic.

  • What a superhero drives when they have invulnerability.

  • With that battery and those motors you might get a whole 2 miles!

  • Another thing you may want to work on is to upgrade the suspension because fat tire's are not going to help steer and tire's were not meant to be used as suspension no, tire's are meant for power and steering.

    • Propel Endeavor is better imo but less maneuverable.

  • did he say its not at last or am i dum

  • I want to see this board with sand paddles on it and see you attempt to climb a dune. I bet this board would look amazing in the sand with paddles with a human standing on top riding it to its full sand potential. 🤘

    • I am working on a ultra low pressure tire board. just look up the University Rover challenge it is those wheels. I got them and am designing hubs but broken printer sadly.

  • Jeff sounds like someone on the dream smp

  • What happened to the James Bond car?

  • Anticlimactic

    • Build your own is very fun long time

  • I think the stock version would be to much powerful for me

    • at first... then you find a big enough hill

  • GODBLESS you all👍🙏

  • Or just lead heat pipes from the ESC to where you can mount a Cooling fan, or just water cool the fucker