IMPOSSIBLE To Hit Baseball Pitch!

Objavljeno 1. jul. 2021
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0:00 Intro
0:45 How Fast Can We Pitch?
2:26 What Does 90mph Look Like?
5:03 Here's Our Idea
6:14 The Build Begins
14:49 The Test Begins
19:43 Custom Signed Baseballs
20:06 Outro

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    • combine this with worlds strongest baseball bat machine

    • @Joseph Cribb 7 Please 7i

    • Hack Smith have you made a seris of making minecraft stuff into real life?

    • Couldn't of y'all just put a spring pulley tensioner on the third wheel and it could of help the ball from being sanded down and I think would helped with speed a little bit more

    • Make it super sonic

  • He needed a more forgiving wheel. Like an Inflatable tire.

  • Using soft balls might decrease the full friction potential and therefore reduce the top speed of the ball, no?

  • I think the biggest problem is that you want to accelerate a ball that isn't moving so you need extremly high friction to speed up the ball. I think the best way and the efficient way to achiev a higher speep would be a multistage cannon with more friction between the ball an the wheels.

  • Nooo james hope you will be better

  • Looks like a massive nob 😂😂

  • Use this against the bat that always hits a home run!

  • You just made a baseball version on the football cannon from Pvz battle for neighborville

  • In one of the slow Mo shots after firing the baseball, you could see the 3 rubber marks where the wheels came into contact. from it being shot out of such a high velocity lol.

  • watching james do anything athletic is hilarious

  • 13:54 This video is sponsored by Xbox game pass! 😃 Also him holding a PS5 controller:


  • Please sponsor my videos on your next video????

  • im a picher in pony baceball and yea shur i have broke my thum befor but i still play

  • I cannot believe how un athletic the hacksmith is

    • @Hacksmith Industries alright fair enough you got me , i apologize stay safe dude

    • Again... throwing a ball, or swinging a bat isn't even coordination... it's a trained skill in a sport I have never done before. My channel was literally originally about parkour / free running and gymnastics... Calling me unatheletic is like yelling at a fish who can't climb a tree lol

    • @Hacksmith Industries it's not but the fact you cant throw hold a bat and broke your hand in the process is enough to know you are incredibly uncoordinated you are a genius but not athletic i wasn't coming at you negatively i was literally just saying that i cannot believe you aren't more athletic/coordinated like i was genuinely surprised

    • i cannot believe people think throwing a ball is athleticism

  • Dude it was supposed to be superhuman speed what happened?

  • I can’t do it fast but I could really far

  • pls test in full full full power

  • Aroldis Chapman 105.1 mph

  • Come on down to the Hacksmith Store! Get yur BALLZ signed

  • Can I download the game In *PS4* ?

  • If the balls weren’t soft I’d imagine it’s much easier for the wheels to not slip on the ball

  • Now we gotta combine this with Shane's explosive home run hitting baseball bat and the engineers will be unstoppable. Or even better y'all with Destin, and Shane vs whoever wins the world series and see who wins.

  • "got all my parts together now just to put them together" nice

  • If a baseball ever gets shot through my window I blame him

  • this reminds me of the dc villain sportsmaster

  • 140 mph he said. Phooey!

  • try looking into the wheels they use on pitching/jugg machines. they're huge wheels but they work for this kinda thing

  • Christopher Robin

  • Actually its limited by human beings... no humans can ever throw a baseball faster then 107 ! thats how close to the fact they are. by being perfect shots they reach that limit. but the muscles and weights and pretty much everything makes the limit 107 a reality. its not super human feat, its just good perfectly balanced throws.

  • Hello mark Rober number 2

  • 12:35 isn't that a simple fix tho? You'd have to just find a way to give the ball a more gradual increase in speed instead of all at once

    • I felt smart as shit typing this then I realized if I, somebody who knows nothing about this could come to that conclusion he probably did far before me💀

  • Hey hacksmith can u make make assasin creed 2 game suit please 🙏 I am ur favorite fan and iam a kid if u do I subscribe 😉 now

  • 4:42 🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂 I feel bad for him still laughing 😂😂😂

  • And that how you make an Grenade launcher

  • @3:55 Maybe you shouldn’t of had a dainty little girl swinging at the ball in the first place! In my humble opinion, baseball is a mans sport that should only be played by professionals. This video only helps to prove my point.

  • Can it shoot apples?

  • OK so you're the Fat Man manufacturer?

  • Why are you wearing a mask?

  • Makes times taskmaster

  • This is what nerf needs lmao

  • Make a bating machine to hit that pitch

  • Lovely bit of engineering, good job Ian! Pity you didn't quite reach your goal, but to be fair, accelerating a baseball to 140mph by friction over a contact distance of only ~5-10cm is a pretty crazy ask. Maybe a sequence of flywheels for v2? Or just take the easy way out and go pneumatic... or even solid propellant ;)

  • Monokuma called, he’ll take your entire stock.

  • Synthetic leather is the worst for pitching machines real leather is only way

    • I use balls built for the hack attack Jr., Leather With Kevlar low laces they won't fall apart and launch beautifully.

    • if is real leather

  • I may be a bit late, however, there is a wheel in competitive robotics called a compliant wheel, which is a wheel that can comply to the shape of the object it is rolling on. Using a medium to lower durometer compliant wheel would help with the traction problem you are having without the need to rebuild the entire setup.

  • You guys needs robot arms to hit balls too

  • And now to do it with nerf!!

  • You guys should do a an Assassin's Creed hidden blade made real

  • maybe if you feed the ball by presure air in the tube it will go faster

  • Is hand got fuck up so bad


  • I want one of these! Can I place an order?

  • Can you guys billed opaday's steam powered car with all it's upgrades?

  • i have game pass ultimate

  • Nice glad i seen this channel from linus

  • James should try to audition for the new wolverine

  • I want to see this go against the smarter every day and stuff made here bats

  • Seems like the haven’t meet Smarter Everyday yet lol

  • Do you think using gluing sandpaper to the wheels will stop slip? Or just shred the the ball even more..

  • alternate name portable pitching machine

  • Is anyone else thinking 11037?

  • Why not put sand paper on the walls for grip

  • just put some kind of grip on the wheels.

  • How is that "IMPOSSIBLE To Hit?"

  • Boxer fractures are not fun, ESPECIALLY when it’s your dominant hand.

  • 15:21 That's why you pay attention to warnings that say "Not suitable for use indoors"

  • arsenal base ball launcher is real

  • This is one over engineered pitching machine. Really cool video!

  • Hack smith I challenge you to make a unbreakable human armour

  • James knows what 99mph ball feel like

  • Next shoot it into a katana or something.

  • Where both james and tyler went wrong. James was stepping over the line and tyler accidentally threw a ball on the right side. Had james been a little farther in the box the injury may have not happened. But we're all human and we all make mistakes. Hope your doing ok james enjoy your break.

  • What he did having to take it apart several times is what I call pulling a me, because that happens to me every single time I try and build something. Actually, it happens to me whenever I actually put any sort of effort into almost anything.

  • I can't believe no one corrected James' batting stance

  • he is just mark rober. he is not good at things, but he is good at engineering.

  • Damn those knuckles are awfully close to those speeding balls, maybe a vertical handle could be safer.

  • That title is just misleading.

  • James got the most common baseball injury

  • now use a potato

  • How is it possible that NONE of these guys can throw a baseball? Not only that, they ALL seriously look like this is the first time they have ever thrown a ball in their life. I honestly feel embarrassed for them.

  • Can you do Grey fox helmet

  • Whole suit against a machine that can hit u with 72 and no protection against a guy that can throw 92🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • A bunch of Canadian geeks trying to play baseball. What could possibly go wrong? I gotta hand it to you; you took it like a champ.

  • “Not all heroes wear capes” Me: no hero should wear capes…I’ve watched the incredible I know what happens 😑

  • 8:35 O.K so someone needs to exlain that ear. WTAF is going on there?

  • Why the hell is James looking like a poor mans jesus these days?

  • Baseball in future be like: holding baseball cannons and running everywhere with it.

  • when you hit the bat with the baseball

  • Why is he soo damn Unathletic, just threw like a girl and swung a bat like a 4 th grade girl.

  • Faster is Shohei Ohtani than it

  • Would love to see this pitching machine put up against Mark Rober's baseball bat!! Sorry to see James getting hurt, quick recovery mate!

  • you need a 2nd pair of wheels that pre-spin the ball to like 50 mph, and then the ball could get more speed.

  • this is one of the coolest things ive ever seen

  • Him : breaks his hand Me: smiles

  • Am i the obly one who got scared af that when it exit the launcher it hits his hand i mean on these shot it seems so close to it the handle is like in front of the exit😱

  • That's so sick!! You guys are my new watch I enjoy all of you videos they are awesome!!!

  • Get rubber with a thick soft side wall like actual pitching machines it will grip the ball batter and produce more spin and higher speeds

  • Hacksmith industries: Every project is heavier than the last

  • You guys should make the golden weapons from lego ninjago