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0:00 Intro
0:12 For Context
1:28 Our Lightsaber
4:50 Science of Heat Transfer
9:12 How Hot?
11:38 Testing Begins
13:10 Wax Hands
15:00 Do Not Try This At Home!
16:35 Outro

Big thank you to Samuel Kim Music for the epic music!

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  • Go to NordVPN.com/Hacksmith to get a 2-year plan plus 1 additional month with a huge discount. It’s risk free with Nord’s 30 day money-back guarantee!

    • L

    • Right

    • This man is tony stark in rl

    • bro i think you should try a stright rod with holes that will help you to make it real an super hot and supper stright like in the movie . A fan from india. my name VINDYAN K

    • @Farooq Shaikh Allah does not exist only God does and will always

  • Uhhh. Am I the only person who finds it weird that he casually pulled out a gun?

  • its basically qui gon jinn putting his hand through darth sidious's saber

  • wow why you did it

  • Ain’t nobody breaking into his house

  • Morgan freeman: and then the hacksmith cut his hand off that day

  • So i can fight other people without lightsaber👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • 15:39 imagine he didn't position his other arm properly and it went through the flame

  • This is where the fun begins 😁

  • i did it with a candle ones

  • make the scepter that loki had in the avengers 2012!

  • Hi

  • Did you just pull out a real gun 😂

  • take a shot each time you hear "light saber"

  • Idk why him just whipping out a gun seems so contradictory to what I expect from him but he pulled it out and I was so surprised lmao. Like hell yeah but still really weird to see

  • Damn that sucked.

  • kinda gay

  • So... The Hacksmith's hand can resist a 4000° lightsaber but not a regular baseball ? We now know which one is the deadliest.

  • 15:00 you are professional

  • Hacksmith: do not try this at home Me who just burned from a wood stove Edit: im scared of heat to

  • i made one of these 2 years ago, with an actual measuring tape

  • 16:35 i dont have proto saber at home

  • I see it! His hand using the force!

  • He says don’t try this at home like we all just have a lightsaber laying around our homes😂

  • I really love that it’s a proto-saber. Litterally one of the first lightsabers in the starwars universe is now one of the first in ours.

  • Build a vacuum chamber big enough

  • The lightsabers fiercest opponent. Fast moving objects.

  • Well the world’s first retractable lightsaber came from 2015, right? According to that video we all saw

    • Yeah but I'm explaining that in actual star wars lore, it is plasma, which is much closer to what we've created here than anyone else in the world

    • Well Luke did say lazer sword to crack a joke, and emphasize his point. So did George Lucas iirc! The reason I’m saying it’s laser is because I’m actually French and “lightsaber” does translate to « sabre laser » here! :p

    • But star wars lore doesn't say their lasers -- they're plasma based! People who don't know what they are in the star wars universe call them laser swords ;)

    • Well the definition of what is and what isn’t a lightsaber is kind of vague, but I guess if we want to stick to the original Star Wars lore, then no one has made a lightsaber yet as they’re supposed to be laser swords… which we can’t really currently get

    • not really the same thing, a spray of lighter fluid isn't really a light saber

  • General Kenobi! You're the bold one by posting this kind of shit right here!

  • if you want the most realistic lightsaber ever buy from sabertrio but a real lightsaber is way more realistic

  • 13:12 The FBI almost loaded their guns

  • Shoot a blaster at it

  • I thought was going to be clickable but... Wow just wow

  • 15:38 in case you dont wanna wait

  • this mans hand stopped a god damn light saber, everyone bow down to god himself

  • Now it's time to try and stick your head through it fast and see what happens

  • "Not even warm" - Hacksmith, 2020 to light saber.

  • That is thr ligjtsaber

  • Please sponsor my videos on your next video????

  • I know a place your mama

  • How much propane does it use every minute

  • And then the hacksmith made a video of how he lost his hand

  • 15:34 (What your looking for)

  • No brasil chamamos de maçarico kkkkkkkk

  • “Do not try this at home” yeah we all have a self build lightsaber of 4000C° at home of course

  • 11:21 gun gun gun

  • You are extremely Awesome...Waiting for the Cordless Version of the Lightsaber...I ws equally Tensed like when you passed your hand through the Lightsaber 🕯️...💜❤️

  • I kinda question if the plasma can clash with other plasma light sabers…

  • He said don’t try this at home like we have a protosaber

  • We have a new avenger guest

  • Put a blade in the middle of the lightsaber so it cuts Easyer

  • the blody dude actually didi it

  • hey u can make a lightsaber without the strange cable u are having, u just need a little bit of uranium, and a small nuclear plant on the lightsaber, easy

  • What would happen if you shoot a bb gun at it?

  • Nano Diamond Battery

  • If he survived the light saber not cutting through then dearth Vader’s is hotter because less then a second it burns through already!😵

  • *dont try this at home* Ye bcs i have a 4000 degree light saber just chilling at home...

  • They created the FIRST LIGHTSABER!! *sad physics teacher noises*

  • I hope you will be okay

  • You are smart

  • I think it was hurts

  • OOOOOh no!


  • OOOOh

  • Hand of steel

  • เคิล์บยูเลเนียมอากล็อสGot

  • 13:49. Shouldn’t he be wearing gloves?

  • No but a real light saber is made of energy not a laser because if it were a laser it would just not stop going

  • 15:34 could you imagine if it just cut to him taking a bath in an ice filled bathtub and rolling around in snow just to prepare for this moment

  • 0:17 of freaking course CBR would say such a thing they're one of the dumbest and infuriating people of all time and I'm not even going to bother wasting my time how many stupid things they've done

  • Does it look like his hands have water on it

  • kinda off topic but why is nobody talking about mace windu cutting off jango fetts head even tho he is wearing beskar?!

    • @Hacksmith Industries maybe or it could also be that jango isn’t a mandolorian and just made his own armour

    • no beskar neck armor?


  • I think that would disappear idk what I’m talking about

  • "don't try this at home" me: goes outside

  • Go to japan, I wish you luck, and i wish i was you

  • Light saber will replace swords

  • 11:37 I have that exact kind of nerf gun.

  • I talk about thermodynamics all the time at work and say Q=MCAT (I don’t have delta or theta as a symbol)….. I work at Arbys 😅🤣💀. I’m just a nerd and learned it from taking chemistry class twice

  • 12:09 this shows a fatal flaw in minecraft logic

  • I have an idea to fix the swing bug, maybe a gyroscope that detect if the hilt is moving/spjning then ajusting the vavles if it is

  • May be Elon Musk sees this video and sponsors your trip to space😎

  • Me who’s doing this in a candle since im a kid

  • Build a vacuum chAmber

  • Yes so vacuum chamber affirmative

  • Already did that

  • I know SLflow rThat worked at NASA

  • This guy is a Thor

  • that was real hot! the box of hands was pretty handy. the box of hand bring a new meaning of wax on, wax off (thanks for the lesson Pat Morita) the more interesting thing was. this guy just casually brings out a gun with a silencer on the end of the gun. lmao 🤣

  • That is so cool you guys do amazing work. Would you want to try to build a Replicator from star trek could it be possible??????

  • allen pan made one a while ago though

    • @Hacksmith Industries true he made one used with one hand i dont remeber how it worked but isnt that also a plasma saber

    • Not the same though

  • lightsaber are mostly known for chopping hands. i'm kind of dissapointed .

  • 16:32 me, trying to do the same with a candle (im an adult): the risk was calculated, but man, im bad at math

  • And this is just what one group with a cool garage can do. Wonder what the government is capable of, with all their classified alien tech.

  • May the fourth be with you is my moms birthday but she like Harry Potter more

  • A bit like the bullet, there is a flow of air around the hand :p

  • When I worked at McDonald's, I used to quickly slap the grill with my flat palm, knowing about heat transfer, and freaking all my coworkers out. I think only one other person tried it when I showed them. No one else was brave enough lol.

  • first man to not only build a real lightsaber, but to have the balls to stick his hand through one. what a legend

  • Can't wait for when these guys start making warships from halo

  • maybe along with the improved nozzle design if there was a way to super pressurize the gas you could get the blade to be less susceptible air currents and longer blade length. Just a thought.